About Santa Barbara Location Services:

Location Production Coordination is what we actually do. As such, we constantly explore unique properties all over the Tri-County area, sometimes even further. Because of personal and long standing relationships, we have some properties in New York, Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Connecticut, Tahoe, Big Bear, Napa, the Bay Area, Malibu, and L.A., so don't hesitate to ask!

We have created a new "Featured Property" addition to our website. These properties (in detail) can be available to you upon receiving an email request.

We have promised our homeowners that these exclusive properties will not make their way to the Internet and will only be used in connection with a specific project. If another scout or service is interested, they can contact us, just as you have. Our featured properties are new, unique, and amazing. Our library contains everything from shacks to mansions, roads (public and private), ranches, farms, beach properties, and just about anything you can name... except for skyscrapers, but don't give up, we're working on it!

We thank you for visiting us and welcome any feedback.

Company info

New clients please call: (805) 969-5555
Existing clients and office business call:
(805) 565-1562
Fax: (805) 969-9595
Email: production@sblsonline.com
After hours: Evenings after 6:00 pm and Weekends please call 805-565-1562